Workshops and Coaching Calls with Roni

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Starting soon

Discovering common ground between strategies and needs
with Magda Barańska and Roni Wiener

Wednesday May 8 at 18:00 – 19:30 CET

Originally offered on March 8, 2024 through the Time for Empathy event
Watch the recording of Discovering Common Ground (offered for free)

Just Enough Input: Choosing Supportive Thresholds

When we ask questions or make requests, our wording and delivery deeply influence the responses we receive. How can we use thresholds effectively to support movement, collaboration, and connection?

  • Session 1: Wednesday June 5 at 5:00 PM → 8:00 PM (CEST)
  • Session 2: Wednesday June 12 at 5:00 PM → 7:00 PM (CEST)

Nonviolent Facilitation Practice Lab

Practice your facilitation skills as we co-create a space that supports trust, connection, and efficient collaboration.

Just finished (watch recordings)

Convergent Facilitation Intensives

Offered online and in person.

Is it possible to make group decisions that everyone feels good about? 
What do you do when people disagree or have conflicting opinions? 

Roni usually offers 2 to 3 online courses on collaborative decision-making every year.
​Contact them if you would like to organize a specific workshop for your community or organization. 
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​​Recordings of previous CF Intensives

You can register to watch the recordings from a previous CF Intensive in Nov 2021. 


Framing for Integration: Facilitation Skills Course

Planned for 3rd Sunday every month
17:00pm CEST | 8am PDT (check your time zone)

What could you make possible if you told a different story?
Humans are constantly engaging in collective meaning-making. We tell each other stories about what is happening to create a shared reality. These stories hold the power to shift everyone’s focus and create new openings.

In this course, Roni will support you in developing framing awareness and skills. You’ll learn to discern what story to tell when, notice different stories in the space and inside you, identify the underlying purpose and beliefs, reframe without discounting or disagreeing with the previous frame, and shift internalized stories that do not serve you or others.
​Watch the recordings from Framing for Integration in 2022

Free Coaching Call Series: Collaboration without coercion

Upcoming sessions: TBD
Prior Series: First Sundays at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 15:00 UTC

This free community offering is open to anyone interested in learning how to get things done while caring for everyone’s needs and limits. Please bring your questions and challenges. Popular topics include getting started, prioritization, project planning, tracking, support, agreements, and accountability. 

No sessions are being offered at this time because we don’t have an organizer for this workshop. Are you willing to organize it? Contact us!
No registration needed. Click this link to join at any of the scheduled times: ​Join Coaching call on zoom.

Connecting with Difficult Conversations

Six Week Course with Roni and Magda

This course was last offered in March 2021. Future dates TBD. 
(90 minutes, with an optional after party)

In this workshop, we are offering supportive and guided activities to improve your relationship with difficult conversations. We invite you to bring your conversation challenges and concerns to see what wisdom emerges from welcoming and acknowledging them.
​Link to Facebook event


NVC Sex Talks

This course was last offered in 2020. Future dates TBD.
(Eight sessions offered in 2020 on Wednesdays and Sundays.)

Join us to discover how nonviolent communication practices can bring more pleasure, acceptance, and fulfillment to your intimate adventures! 


If Nonviolent Communication (NVC) invites us to share openly about all of our human experiences, why do we so rarely talk about sex in NVC spaces? Roni is on a mission to bring the values and principles of NVC to everyone’s sex lives. Join us to discover how nonviolent communication practices can bring more pleasure, acceptance, and fulfillment to your intimate adventures! 

Information from the last offering:

  • When: Tuesdays at 12pm PST / 20:00 UTC (every other week)
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Cost: Donations requested. After covering basic costs, all contributions will go towards “The Sexy NVC Project.” This project provides materials and guidance for NVC teachers, facilitators, and community members to include sex and sexuality topics in their workshops and events.  

What to expect
An engaging learning experience in an accepting space with personal support!
We usually focus on interactive activities and practice, including demos of conversations about sex, discussions about common challenges, and paired or small-group role plays. We aim to include diverse perspectives and sexual preferences. We invite you to approach everything you hear with curiosity and remember that we all use many creative strategies to attend to our needs. 
This workshop is geared toward people with NVC experience; You may decide to join without that experience knowing that there may be things that you won’t fully understand.

Registration (closed)
​Please register to receive a link for the zoom meeting. 
​This workshop is being offered on a gift economy basis. You are welcome to contribute before or after you attend. You can also help by spreading the word!  

Liberating Your Meetings
and Conversations 

A nonviolent facilitation
practice lab

What do you do when people seem frustrated, unsettled or disengaged?

We all know the cliche of meetings that drag for hours without accomplishing anything, or when the most exciting thing about a conversation is that it finally ended. One person wants to include more voices, another person wants the group to get something done, and two people have already left. Now what? 

Online Course Details

4-8 weekly sessions, 90-120 min. each
A new series starts every 2-3 months

Costgift economy* (contribute what you can, an average of $220 per person is sustainable)

Roni Wiener

Dates, Times, and How to Join

We are intending to make the Practice Lab a year-round offering, where people are encouraged to attend regularly and new people can join.

Join the community poll to pick a day and time that works for you!
You can also pre-register for a specific time.

The lab has been offered most often on Sundays and Wednesdays at 18:00 CEST | 9am PDT (check your time zone).

Contact Melissa to organize a custom practice lab for your group or organization.

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More about the lab

​The facilitation practice lab offers a unique opportunity for live practice and coaching in an intimate setting. ​Discover how to work with others in ways that support trust, connection, and efficient collaboration. No prior facilitation experience is needed.

Watch this introduction to the practice lab video to learn more about the purpose of the space and how you might help co-create it.

​What’s a practice lab?

A practice lab offers a unique approach to group experiential learning. You’ll get to learn by doing and receive rich feedback by witnessing how your choices affect others. In the lab you can mess things up without risking long-term consequences, so you can develop specific strategies that work for your style, strengths, and limitations. You’ll also get the rewarding experience of supporting fellow nonviolent facilitators on their journey.

We will work together to expand everyone’s ability to increase trust, connection, energy, honesty, effectiveness and fun! Roni will provide coaching and tips during each lab activity, drawing on 20 years of facilitation experience to help you develop new awareness and skills. 

You will get to experiment with and expand your nonviolent facilitation skills, including your ability to:

  1. Guide a group’s energy and attention through framing
  2. Build an agenda that aligns with purpose and considers everyone’s needs
  3. Create group agreements that everyone understands and remembers
  4. Support effective decision making
  5. Interrupt and redirect people with care
  6. Attend to conflict and tension in a group
  7. Give and receive feedback while staying present and connected
  8. Invite others to support you when you reach your limits

Is a practice lab a good fit for me?
You are more likely to benefit from and enjoy this course if most or all of these statements are true for you:

  • I am familiar with Nonviolent Communication (NVC), nonviolence, or other alternatives to right/wrong thinking
  • I am willing to practice things I don’t know how to do yet in a group setting (with support), even when I feel uncomfortable
  • I understand and accept the chaotic nature of a practice lab (where multiple people are learning by doing  using live group dynamics instead of role plays) 
  • I have some resiliency to tolerate discomfort and continue to focus on the needs of the group
  • I am open to coaching and feedback

Sounds great! But I can’t join at the available times. Now what?
Please complete the registration form and note your preferred days and times. If enough people are interested, Roni will open an additional group. You can also help organize one! 


What does “Gift Economy” mean?
Roni offers all of their workshops within a gift economy model to help move our society toward a needs-based distribution of resources. This offering is a gift, and you are invited to contribute to Roni’s sustainability so they can continue doing this work. We invite you to contribute an amount that feels generous and financially sustainable for you. If you are not able to contribute any amount, please choose zero. It is totally ok to attend without paying anything. If you can contribute more, you will make the offerings more sustainable for Roni and more accessible to people who are not able to contribute as much. Roni also welcomes and appreciates any financial support you want to offer as a gift, unrelated to any specific offerings you may participate in. 


If you want to get to know Roni before you register or would like to ask questions about their offerings, please join one of their free coaching calls or introductory sessions. You may also email your questions to Roni’s support team, who usually responds within one week.

Other Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshops

Other workshops that Roni is often asked to offer are listed here. We invite you to contact us if you want to organize one of these or would like Roni to offer it in your organization or community.

Compassionate Communication: Finding Common Ground (NVC101)
This class provides an introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a practice that can transform your relationships with others and yourself. NVC helps you recognize and express your own needs, while hearing and responding to the needs of others. It’s a fantastic tool for resolving conflict, negotiating interactions, and making the world a better place. We’ll cover key concepts, demo the process, and give you everything you need to get started. Already familiar with NVC? Bring your questions, issues, and concerns and we’ll help you take the next step on your communication journey. 

Compassionate Communication: Rejection and Criticism (CS131)
Which is harder, saying “No!” or hearing “No!”? What if neither one was hard?
This session will help you identify healthy ways to communicate boundaries and preferences. We’ll explore challenges created by social conditioning, including the limiting concepts of self-esteem and external validation. We’ll then consider alternative approaches for effectively expressing needs and interpreting responses. We’ll also cover practical tips for moving towards self-acceptance and non-threatening interactions using guided group practice.

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