Supporting Roni

Welcome! I deeply appreciate any support you are willing to offer me so I can bring more nonviolence to the world. If you want to offer support and feel uncertain about how or what you might contribute, I invite you to reach out anyway. I trust that we can find a way forward together. 

Financial Support: Moving Toward Gift Economy
I would love to live in a world where resources flow freely to people who need them. As a step in that direction, I have moved most of my offerings to a gift economy model. This means that my Workshops and Coaching calls are offered as a gift with a request to contribute to my sustainability. I am also grateful to receive financial support as a gift so I can offer more coaching and workshops for free. 

Supporting me through action
​One of the simplest ways to support me is to help spread the word about my offerings by sharing them on social media and emailing them to people you know. 

Seeking: Workshop organizer
If you are looking for part-time or full-time work, I am looking for a workshop organizer to take care of registration, outreach, and admin. I would love to offer more workshops and coaching, and I simply cannot do it without a dedicated support person. If you’re inspired by what I offer, this is how we can bring it to more people. It is also an opportunity to work within gift economy and with people who are strongly committed to liberation.  Please contact Melissa if you’re interested and have experience with workshop organizing and support. 

Money Transfer Options
I imagine you prefer to minimize fees for both of us.
​Here are the best options to make that happen: 

If you’re in the United States:
Zelle: direct transfer from your bank,
Send to: (for Zelle transfers only, please don’t contact me here)
Fees: None

Fees: Free if you choose the friends option and use your Paypal balance
otherwise 3%, plus conversion fee for other currencies

​If you’re making an international transfer:
Wise (formerly transferwise):
Send to: in Euros or USD (whichever is cheaper for you)
Fees: Same currency free, otherwise less than $5 (free first time if you use my link)

If none of the above works for you, contact Roni to discuss alternatives. 
You can also mail me a check.